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Welcome to Infinite Earth “Americas” best selling hair dye for men and women. Here you can learn about and purchase Harvest Moon hair products and cosmetics. All of our products are chemical free and have no metals or ammonia. It comes straight from Mother Nature. So when we say all natural hair dye or all natural hair colors we mean it. Infinite Earth is committed to quality chemical free hair and beard dye. Here at Infinite Earth we sell and insure the best dye money can buy. We ship daily and we ship world wide.

  • The Worlds Best Henna
    The Worlds Best Henna
    Infinite Earth is not just any henna for hair, it is the best you will ever find. We tested over 200 different crops world wide that grow henna and indigo, to bring you the best premium quality henna hair dye.
  • 1 Step Process
    1 Step Process
    Mixing, boiling and running out to the store for extra ingredients is the old way of using henna. Not any more, Harvest Moon takes the guess work out, and puts easy application in.
  • Harvest Moon Works Fast
    Harvest Moon Works Fast
    Lets face it, your busy, we are busy, and the less time you spend doing your hair the more time you have to do the things you enjoy.
  • We ship 6 days a week
    We ship 6 days a week
    Order it by 4 PM Eastern time and it ships the same day. We like to get it fast and we want you to get it fast as well. Ship times in as little as 6 days to Japan and Australia.
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Relentless pursuit of research. Harvest moon has spent over 12 years of non stop research for the best quality henna hair dye money can buy. It works faster, last longer and looks better than any other brand on the market.

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Harvest Moon® brand is more than personal! We give a hands on transparent approach that no other brand does. We take calls, we answer social media, emails and we even have a forum to address all of your concerns – promptly, even on weekends and after hours. We have filled more than 60,000 orders and shipped over $2.3 million in henna hair dye and cosmetics-products, all online, saving you money with out ever leaving the house. That is customer care!

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Pure Henna Hair Dye Before and After

I’ve been trying to get a bright color without that horrible chemical, hair destroying dyes. I tried the pure henna hair dye and it definitely brightened it up. What a healthier, amazing color! I will definitely use Harvest Moon henna from now on and never back to the eco-unfriendly dyes out there. I was also excited to see how many colors you have, I change my color often. I’ll sure be back for sure!

Black Henna Hair Dye – 2 Step

First of all, thank you very much for sending my replacement order, your customer service is excellent. I have referred a lot of customers your way because I was very pleased with my results. I can’t wait to do this again. I followed your directions from the web-site video which were very easy to follow. Since I did the henna application to my hair I have no longer had to detangle my hair, I have also noticed a difference in my curl definition. I am very pleased and thank you, you have a lifetime customer in me. I LOVE your quality henna. It is nothing like the ineffective henna that I have used in the past. first step black henna hair dye Step One After using indigo to get jet black hair Step two Excellent results using Harvest Moon Black Henna Hair Dye! Black continues to get darker over 24 hours! Black Henna Hair Dye L.W. Houston, TX

Before And After Black Henna Hair Dye

This was my first Harvest Moon application and I must say I am very pleased with my results. I have definitely transitioned to using henna + indigo (Black henna hair dye) as my hair coloring product. I love that it is not harmful to my hair and that it actually helps it grow thicker and healthier. Harvest Moon black hair dye is a 2 step process, however, it is also extra conditioning. I was not being lazy because I want the most gorgeous hair possible. I do get compliments all of the time. Dark brown henna hair dye over highlights C.S. High Point, NC

Mahogany Deep Red Combo

Last year I developed an allergy to PPD, a chemical commonly found in traditional hair dye, so to appease my vanity I set out to find a completely natural hair color product. After calling a dozen salons and doing hours of internet research, I found Harvest Moon. They promised high quality, chemical-free product that would give me healthy, beautiful hair. I took a chance and the results were phenomenal! The color is rich and stays true for much longer than traditional dye. Plus, henna is much less expensive than a trip to the salon. Stunningly gorgeous, pocketbook-friendly color: I switch from Mahogany to Mahogany henna hair dye with deep red mixed in. What more could a girl ask for? Before and After Mahogany Burgundy Mix M.M., Arlington VA Mahogany Hair Dye

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